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Time Is Money Tour

“We can dissect any business in 30 minutes”

Time is Money is a business speed coaching program created by Fitima that allows her and her expert panel of coaches to be able to dissect anyone’s business in 30 minutes or less. Most of our attendees are individuals who have always wanted to start a business, loss money in business or already in business and need help growing and sustaining their business. No matter what your circumstance is our experts are here and ready to help you achieve greatness.

How it works

During your speed session the Fitima Miller Enterprise business team and local business experts will provide feedback on what the next steps you should take as a small business owner in order to achieve your professional goals. Over the course of the event attendees are able to attend up to 3 high impact strategy sessions during the event.  Aspiring entrepreneurs or current business owners will get to discuss 3 to 5 relevant issues they want answered pertaining to their desired business.

Why do Business Speed Coaching?

Our experts will help you avoid losing money
Help you learn what appropriate technology teaching tools to grow your business
Experts that can help you start or grow your business
Learn the quickest path to revenue for your business
Help you avoid fraudulent coaches and experts
You will get coaching with an expert for the fraction of the cost for 1 on 1 coaching
Leave with your branding statement and recommended brand persona
We will also throw in a bonus. We will tell you what business model is best for your business

The Lion’s Den Pitch Room

Do you dare step into our Lion’s Den? Do you feel you have the next big idea for business, but want expert opinion? The Lion’s Den expert panel has one main agenda and that’s to either help you make money or keep you from losing money. If you are interested in pitching your idea in front of our expert panel click the link below.
There is nothing more important to Fitima and her team then helping small businesses and entrepreneurship.  We need more small business to bridge the gap in America and create more jobs.
By the time you leave Time Is Money™ Tour you will have a host of amazing ideas you can start implementing straight away to unleash your extraordinary skills, awaken your mind, learn new business practices, and grow your business, so you can play a bigger and bolder game and kick- ass while doing what you love.

Meet the Experts


Fonder and CEO

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Executive VP of Communicaion and Networking


Executive VP of Technology

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