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5 Creative Applications for Digital Technology in Your Business

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

If you manage an ecommerce business, you already rely on digital technology to run your company. But by leveraging other forms of digital technology that you might not have explored yet, you can drive more sales, manage your operations more efficiently, and better support team members who work remotely. Working with the experts at FM Consulting Group can help you integrate these new forms of technology into your existing business model. Here are a few suggestions that might be a good fit for your company!

Business Process Management

Do you feel like cumbersome, manual workflows are holding your team back? You can boost efficiency by leveraging automation tools + business process management. If your business operations are too laborious, automating certain processes can speed up your service and help your employees save time. Emphasizing the time-saving benefits of business process management and automation is a great way to gain employee buy-in for these changes!

After building a business process management framework, your work isn’t quite done. You need to keep monitoring the effectiveness and accuracy of your framework to ensure that you’re receiving the output you want - and if you’re not satisfied, you’ll need to adjust your model.

Form an LLC

Running your business as a hobby might seem like a fine idea at first, but if you don’t have a

you’ll miss out on the benefits that come with it. Perhaps you’ve avoided filing the paperwork required to form a limited liability corporation because you thought it would be too complicated. But working with an online formation service makes the process much easier. You’ll be able to send them all of the required documents for your state and obtain LLC status, which grants you tax benefits and asset protection!

Rebrand Your Website

In the ecommerce space, almost nothing is more important to the success of your company than your website. But if your website is looking stale or outdated, it’s time to conceptualize a brand refresh to bring in more traffic. To rebrand your website, Circles Studio recommends checking out your competitors’ sites and marketing materials to analyze their brand positioning and messaging. Try to combine elements that attract customers in your niche while emphasizing the qualities that make your company stand out. Madison Miles Media recommends incorporating the right keywords into your website content and creating memorable online resources to draw in more visitors.

Remote Team Support

Maybe you do have a few remote employees already - but are you going the extra mile to support them? To ensure that you’re helping your remote team members reach their full potential, you may want to give them stipends for purchasing equipment like webcams, check in with them on a regular basis, solicit their opinions on process improvements, and publicly recognize them for their achievements.

Data-Driven Marketing

Today, there’s no reason that your marketing strategy shouldn’t be based on concrete data. With customer relationship management software, an email marketing program, and social media analytics dashboards, you can collect and analyze endless marketing insights. You can use this information to create personalized marketing communications for customers based on their purchase history and behavior, and you can also develop campaigns that provide significant returns on investment. It’s easier to launch a winning marketing campaign when you have data to back up all of your decisions!

As an entrepreneur in the ecommerce space, it’s important to stay on the cutting edge of new technology in your industry. You never know which tools might make the biggest difference for your business! With these suggestions, you’ll be able to leverage the right tools to grow your company.

Are you ready to grow your company? FM Consulting Group can support you throughout the process! Fill out the contact form on our website today to get in touch.


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